Smoked up the Prophets

by The Ben Gordon Show

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released November 28, 2012

All songs by Ben Gordon, mixed and mastered by Ben Gordon
Bob Parins, guitar on "In Another Life"
Bill Schulz, drums on "Money Hates Me"
Jeremy Gordon, back vocals on "Back To Now"
Josh Gordon, back vocals on "Get the Band Back Together"
Andy Gordon, back vocals on "Losing You In Pieces" and "All the Party People"
Cover art by Gerald Slevin



all rights reserved


Ben Gordon Show Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Back to Now
A funny thing occurred somewhere along the way
it didn't ring the bell or shout at me to come and play
i was too busy brewing myself up a spell
to notice I'd been doing what I've known myself to do so well
thinking ahead, thinking behind, thinking 'til I think I'm crazy
for thinking all the time, thinking all the time
You've seen the homeless guy who babbles in the square
he isn't crazy don't cast hateful glances over there
he shouts it to the world with eyes of burning red
don't think that you are better
cuz you keep you thoughts trapped in your head
thinking ahead thinking behind thinking 'til I think I'm crazy
from thinking all the time
always plotting out some future place
where things turn out somehow
somebody grab a rope and pull me back to now
Track Name: In Another Life
I get it you are gone, this move towards moving on
it isn't getting lost on me
we used to sit around no need to carry on
but now i find the silence deafening
I am over here and you are over there
my hope is fading with the night
but if at first you don't succeed
I'll have you in another life
well maybe this was all a dry run or a casting call
i'm sad I didn't get the part
if I learn my lines better the next time
I'll see your shadows coming down the hall
and though it's far away, I swear there will come a day
a couple lifetimes down the line
you'll think it's him, but him IS me
I'll have you in another life
Track Name: Dreams of Maria
dreams of maria i put my sangria down to rub my eyes
I see her face as she waves full of grace from on top of the ice
all this sangria and all the tequila could never ever numb my heart
been glued to this stool watching bums playing pool since we fell apart
so i drink the wine her face gets clearer in and out of my mind
she's floating past me, those sweet sweet dreams of maria
oh now my darling I woke up this morning in someone else's yard
and where is my car I sure hope it's not too far away
cuz I'm going back where Cervezas get stacked higher than the Yuma trees
and she's not coming back but my memory is intact
and she'll never take that from me
I shouldn't stay but happy hour comes but once a day
so I'm saving a seat for all of my dreams of maria
don't you dare laugh at me
waving back to my dreams of maria
Track Name: Money Hates Me
It's not for the lack of trying
been trying to hold you but you never stay
tired of staring up at those hills
where the people who got you must be laughing all day
It's just that simple
being born on first base don't mean you hit no triple
so me and my scrappy friends warmed the benches in June
tried working hard one summer
did overtime and still could never get ahead
said, "screw it" I'm not some fool
so i sold me some dime bags in the back of my school
but I smoked up the profits
just some stems and seeds in otherwise empty pockets
too poor to even ask my two year crush to the dance
come one money money it's me
why do you go about your business so separately
well it ain't funny just wait and you'll see
I never did nothing to money
but money hates me

they say nobody needs to be happy but it's always people with it who
always saying that they'd still be happy if they didn't have and they're
always trying to tell you that with mouth fulls of single malt scotch
and lobster tail filled teeth
We've had some brief romances
so I take you out to celebrate and put some down
but every time i come to I'm alone with a headache and there is no sign of you
so i bought a bigger wallet
to hold you in case you saw it
then you'd know for sure that i'm for real this time
come on money come back to me
i'll give you one last chance to prove yourself
we'll wip the slate clean
but just like always you sail off to sea
i never did nothing to money
I stayed in on the weekends I drank on the cheap
i even tried a couple times to get an online degree
but here I am still broke and hungry
man i did all i could for money
but money hates me
Track Name: Smalltown,Anywhere
while midnight porches glow
a neighborhood of televisions echo past the fallen snow
it makes the street look clean
father michael passes time by thumbing through a porno magazine
lately things have been slow
all the husbands wives sit to fantasize and smoke
when gossip gets too old
and all the bar room kings
play pool for onion rings
while the wives all twist up their hair
and another beer goes down in smalltown,anywhere
meanwhile back down the road
the women get to talking 'bout the vows they made while they were young
and life had just begun
all their stupid dreams get blown up in smoke rings
and they wonder how they got there
well the future is open wide in smalltown,anywhere
and another beer goes down
Track Name: Losing You in Pieces
I'm losing you in pieces
kinda like the way the western beaches
pull parts of my sand castles away
all i can do is look at you
watch your frame fade out of view
left holding your old shadows to my face
like red birthday balloons
that slowly float up to the moon just when
you reached out for a Monarch Butterfly
sometimes I wish you'd hopped the noon bus line
left all at once one single time
instead each day my eye releases
a brand new tear from losing you in pieces
I'm losing you like gamblers lose
their bank accounts to betting booths
still all the while with smiles across the face
all i can see are memories
that follow me like autumn bees
stinging leaving rashes in their wake
like new years resolutions
that soon turn into excuses
cuz you knew you wouldn't do it anyway
sometimes I wish you'd hopped the noon bus line
left all at once one single time
instead each day my eye releases
a brand new tear from losing you in pieces
Track Name: Where Did Everybody Go
The summers where long while we were on Oakwood time
there was always music in the air
everything then seemed like a pantomime
no one was gonna take or have a shot to break
that little heart of mine
i remember the stars seemed so much brighter then
or maybe i just don't see the good anymore
I can still hear the sound
the trampling of tiny feet
i was never all alone always someone on the phone
or sitting next to me
but now i'm driving through the rain
dropping tears from World War fighter planes
yeah i'm crying cuz I don't know what to do
i'm a prisoner in this town
there's a million people shuffling around
and they're right in front of me
but no ones home
where did everybody go?
where did everybody go?
so should I leave or stay
it's not like it's gonna matter anyway
if i go I'll still be waking up with me
I wrote all the endings down
bu the script got changed and twisted around
thought i'd have someone to help with growing old
Where did everybody go?
where did everybody go?
Track Name: This World
I saw some ladies dragging shopping bags onto the train
they were laughing to each other about the money they saved
so i turned around and said..
"isn't saving when you put some dough away?"
well they looked at me like i was devil spawn
until i got off the train
past the glazey eyed herd on their phones
weaving through each other like a school
of spawning Mackerel
I've seen a hundred thousand movies
read books of far off distant lands
but this world is the strangest place I've ever been
Sometimes i wake up knowing
that I truly went away
not just turning in my body
on top of this bed I never make
each time i look around and end up thinking
I forgot about this place
but as long as i'm here
i'll grab some coffee and clear
these webs from my brain
and i think of this had that i've drawn
where half the world is well enough
the other half got nothing at all
how the kings left their castles
to carve this world up with ball point pens
yeah this world is the strangest place I've ever been
Track Name: All the Party People
look at you looking at yourself you know it musta took the best of a day
to make it seem like you just threw yourself together in a whimsical way
but your advisors wound you up just long enough
to crack out all of the lines
to keep the little people pointing at each other for a little more time
all the party people comb their hair together
they're laughing in the green room
spilling on their seaters
one giant leap for all mankind
Hey Mr. Handsome thanks a million for your faith in memorizing your lines
it makes us happy knowing that you private jet is zizzing up in the sky
tell me that one again about how the problems came from that other side
yeah keep the little people pointing at each other for a little more time
all the party people crash their flutes together
they're laughing at the sheeple lining up to pull the levers
one giant leap for all mankind
just give it money maybe it will go away
just give it money maybe it will go away