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released December 1, 2010

all instruments and voices besides the child's voice on "13 arrows" by Ben Gordon
recorded and engineered by Ben Gordon
addditional engineering by Mark Weigel
Mastered by Jeff Reeves @ Masterdisk, NYC



all rights reserved


Ben Gordon Show Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: 13 Arrows
Tredice frecce tredici stelle
13 arrows 13 stars but a big fat
space between the 12th and 14th floors
novus ordo seclorum in hi defenition
throw some pixels at the human condition
13 arrows 13 stairs to the all seeing eye
up in consumer affairs think fast!
cuz it's coming to get you from the
pitching mound of Zecharia Sitchin
Track Name: Be Thankful
well ain't it cute how your'e pretending to be
master of your pathetic destiny
we'll pay you just enough to keep you alive
we need someone to park the cars
we need someone to pour the wine
you know we love you always watchin above
but not from heaven from the bohemian
country club there ain't a thing that we
can't fix with a drug wer'e making one for
chubby kids who never get hugged
can't fool all of the people all of the time
it ain't easy trying to prove that 2 and 2 is 5
big brother is checking to see if you are being
naughty or nice, it's for your protection
we need your vote so please don't die
before the next election, never mind that
we just steal em these days no paper
trail when there is a planet to save
Uncle Sam wants you now jsut want him back
and be thankful for the freedom that you used
to have
Track Name: Another You
you don't have to love me ever think about me
you don't have to be my bride
you don't have to watch me drown in this pool
as long as you find me another you
you don't have to save me
from these winter drapes I've
got a lotta sleep left to do
you don't have to pull me away from the gloom
as long as you find me another you
haunted by flavors of sweet misery
feels almost right feeling badly the dream is the same
i am standing ashore as you drift and dissolve
from a solid to cascading mist
Track Name: Rome is Burning
can't understand you with that Frosty up your mouth
just another Meredith Baxter Birney day
after day of flippin' channels flippin Aderall
first to the catalogue and last on off the page
new world disorder for an anorexic mind
Rodeo drive will melt your sadnessess away
think of all the kids who slaved away to make you
one stupid dress that in a week you'll throw away
paint your face up drink til morning
don't stop the party just cuz Rome is burning
they got you young and drunk up on excitotoxins
pray to sugar yeah the sugar fairy's hoppin
tie a cinder block around your little daughter
drown her in a baby pool of fluoridated water
so raise the limit the limit on your mastercard
the master knows that you cannot
resist a brand new car
15% 15% more satisfied compound the interest
and get on down the debtor slide
all them dudebros they come running
keep chopping up the lines
while Rome is burning
Track Name: don't box me up
Don't stand at lecterns light to talk about
all the things i did in life or will do without
if you got something to say then say it
we got time don't wait until I'm dead and buried
say it while I'm still alive
don't sit down you'll only sink in
don't wait around for your life to begin
just go out and grab the prettiest girl you can find
and ask her if she feels like feeling like being alive
bury my body on this hill beneath the stars
the trees the grass and daffodills
bring me back in peace from whence i came
don't box me up in front of all these people
with the cloudy names
Track Name: dreams of maria...
dreams of maria i put my Sangria down
to rub my eyes i see her face as she waves
full of grace from atop of the ice
all the sangria all the tequila will never ever
numb my heart been glued to this stool watching
bums playing pool since we fell apart
so i drink the wine her face gets clearer in
and out of my mind she's floating past me
those sweet sweet dreams of maria
oh no my darling i woke up this morning
in somone else's yard where is my car i sure
hope it's not too far away cuz i'm going back
where cervezas get stacked higher than the
Yucca tree she's not coming back though my memory
is intact and she'll never take that from me
i shouldn't stay but happy hour comes but once a day
so im saving a seat for all my dreams of maria
don't you dare laugh at me waving back to my
dreams of maria
Track Name: I donwanna
idonwanna join yer little party club
idonwanna take all of yer funny drugs
idonwanna sign my name on dotted lines
idonwanna grab a gun or head out too the front lines
idonwanna sign up on yer mailing list
idonwanna kiss the feet of hubris
idonwaan mingle at the after bar
i don't need a pretty girl i dig bick or a fast car
idowanna ticket to your brave new world
twiddling my thumbs inside some fogged out herd
i just wanna pack a bag and head out to the sunshine
staring at the summer sun casting out a big line
Track Name: got my fingers crossed
i been staring at this ole front door o mine
thinkin how it never ever seems to wanna let you in
must be a 100,000 more like it all spread out in a line
i laugh a little bit when i think of the first time you fell in mine
you kept every promise you never made shouldn't even
bother making them up anymore sometimes i catch myself
making up imaginary promises to you i've been blindfolded
for so long and you keep spiining me around til i believe you too
this time i got my fingers crossed i know that you been
crossing yours up too gonna bust outside this ol fromt door
for good this time, i hope i don't find you on the other side
Track Name: the last motorcade
keep all of those bees in your hummingbird brain
and you won't even notice the oncoming train
with pity run engines and cars of regret
pulling simple reminders for you to forget
that thoughts become dark as you pile on the days
it gets harder and harder to cut through the haze
so god bless americas fat round behind
its al you can eat almost all of the time
the church bells still ring through the hearts of the meek
but all they'll inherit are garbage filled streets
salvation and promises served up on trays
tickets to heaven run cheaper these days
eeverybody knows that a lifetime is short
but it still doesn't stop us from scraming "abort"
to clime further up the most comfortable tree
while the maid wipes the dust off the whole family
there will be no grand exits no send off parades
not a fighting bone left when they roll you away
just four lonely pall bearers clearing the way
for a smoky retreat on your last motorcade
Track Name: September,carry on...
playing records the smell of the sleeves
falls here again like a sheet on my skin
she just wrote back i never thought she'd eve
but inside this stack of envelopes i see her writtten name
i always loved the way she'd dot her I's with a smiley face
all that time i dreamt of this and opened up to read the lines
of how that she'd been wrong and I'd been right
but i'm frozen now cannot feel a thing can't feel a thing somehow
once upon a time my words made sense
black was black and sustenence came easy
as Marijuana dreams the phone keeps ringing throug the wall
of unread books insomnia is waiting for me
september carry on
Track Name: ladybird
ladybird does he speak don't mind the whispering in the sheets
just turn around and go back to sleep
ladybird get some rest tomorrow is waiting your conciousness
is melting away from your evening dress
dream of Alice Tuttle dreaming up your name
life shall never be the same it all began it all began so
beautifully it all began so beautifully
Track Name: Sweetest Voice
sweetest voice i never heard come run through out the trees
tell me am i not my name?
am i not the crass reflection smeared on bathroom glass?
tell me am i not my name?
a billion clocks are ever racing like the wind up on your dying wrist
but it cannot record the wither it's only gift 1,2,3,4
so shame on every word unspoken every day you nail up to the cross
there will be no ressurrections like in fairytales
sweetest voice i never heard